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Braille by Multimedia Transcription Service produces state-of-the-art braille transcription.  This is made possible through the efforts of a network of highly qualified transcribers, who are certified by the Library of Congress. 

Why Choose Us:

  • We provide support for our transcribers and work together to meet the school’s needs.
  • We transcribe in UEB or EBAE format, including Nemeth Code (STEM materials) and foreign languages. 
  • We provide tactile drawings as required to accompany braille materials.
  • We transcribe all levels of school materials from elementary readers to Integrated Calculus. 
  • We understand the needs of the classroom, so volumes are shipped as completed to stay ahead of the student throughout the school year.
  • We emboss both one-sided and interpoint.
  • We provide attractive spiral-bound covers for all braille materials.
  • We strive to meet all customer deadlines and special requirements.

Fees are available upon request.

Multimedia Transcription Service is a project of Heightened Independence and Progress – a Center for Independent Living, run by and for people with disabilities working toward full inclusion in all aspects of life.

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