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  MTS is fully staffed by experienced transcribers certified by the Library of Congress. Staff members work to accommodate the individual needs of each customer.   The staff are prepared to fulfill every type of request, from a single page document to orders for multi-volume, covered, spiral-bound, complete textbooks.   They transcribe English, mathematics, and many foreign languages.   Specialty items include business cards, holiday greeting cards, and certificates.
  Large Print
  Materials are transcribed into crisp, highly readable large print for the increasing segment of the population who are unable to read standard print.  Manuals, government regulations, municipal ordinances, contracts, meeting notices, conference materials, product information, bulletins from houses of worship, and a wide range of similar documents can be produced in this format.
  Experienced readers convert printed materials into high-quality tapes.   High-speed duplicating equipment enables rapid reproduction of cassettes ranging from one copy of a single cassette to high-volume reproduction of multi-unit sets.  Cassettes can be packaged in cases with print/Braille labels.
Complete packages incorporating Braille, large print, and audiocassettes are available to meet full-service needs.