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Multimedia Transcription Service produces state-of-the-art braille transcription.  This is made possible through the efforts of a network of highly qualified transcribers who are certified by the Library of Congress.  Each of our nine transcribers has many years of experience, and some have expertise in Nemeth Code and/or foreign languages.  MTS has produced 700 books for 26 states, as well as the American Printing House for the Blind.

All MTS braille transcribers are paid for their work, and must participate in a phone interview process, as well as produce a sample of their transcribed materials.

Due to the high volume of orders being received we are interested in increasing the network of transcribers who are affiliated with MTS.

Remember, you are a professional with unique skills which are in national demand.  Without you and your talents and devotion to Braille literacy, many Braille readers would go without books and be at an added disadvantage as our students try to compete on a level playing field with their sighted peers.  Your skills provide a service without equal, and as professionals, you are entitled to be remunerated for your expertise, your time, and your years of loyal service.

Inquiries about becoming a member of the MTS team should be directed to:

Jayne Guggenheim, MTS Project Coordinator at (201) 996-9423, or E-mail  You can also use our website's Contact Us page.